Who we are

We are a small group of computer engineers who oriented their careers to the entertainment industry, specially animation, VFX and videogames based in Madrid, Spain.

What we do

We are not artists. Professionally, we devote ourselves only to the technical side of the industry even though we know about both worlds.

Software Development

We develop and sell our projects and distribute them

Educational Content

We teach others how to do what we do

Our Skills

We have been involved in game development, visual effects and animation since 2002. We made games, sound apps, concept art, shortfilms and countless personal projects.

  • Low level computer graphics
  • Visual effects and animation pipelines
  • User interface design and user experience analysis
  • Physics simulation
  • Visual art, motion capture, electronic devices
  • Filmmaking and game development experience

What we use

We work with a wide range of software: Game engines, 3D and design applications. We are currently working on these:





How we do it

We are demanding about the quality of our work. But, what makes us different from the rest of developers?

We are computer engineers

We have many years of education behind us and our approach is different compared to other developers

We are clean

Our code is clean, modular and well documented, which allows it to last and be mantainable

We are hybrid

We are artist-technician mixed profiles, not very common among developers, which allows us to better understand the needs of artists

Our past

What experience do we have?

Our code has been part of these companies' pipelines